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2015: A Year of Good


Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe it’s 2016. To be honest, I never thought I’d make it this far. Years ago, 2016 seemed impossibly far away. And with all of the craziness in my life, the idea that I would make it to the year I turn 33 seemed to be more of a haunted dream than a reality.

Here I am, on the 2nd day of the new year, and I no longer worry about how far I will make it. I no longer question if I can survive another year. I no longer fear what lies before me.

Life is good.

It’s been a long time since I could say that and truly mean it.

2015 was a mostly positive year. The only heartbreak was the loss of my grandfather; however, even though the loss was painful, the opportunity to celebrate his life, and the knowledge that he is no longer in pain was uplifting.

2015 started with instability. I was in the middle of the ocean and I had a choice: sink or swim. I swam. And as the year continued, I rose above the water and started to soar.

In the middle of January 2015, I started a new job. It all happened really fast. I was interviewed, hired and began training all in one day. It began as a part time position, but by April, I was working almost full time. That was quite a change from 5 months earlier when I was applying for disability and believed I’d never be strong enough to work again.

This job was unlike any I’d had before. Unexpectedly, I LOVED it. I’ve had many jobs that were good jobs, and many jobs that I enjoyed, but this was different. This job gave me energy. I looked forward to going to work. I was surrounded by positivity and good people. I even took on the 5am shift 3 times a week. Anyone who knows me well knows that is saying a lot. I do NOT like mornings. But here I was, waking up at 3:45am, and driving 40 minutes to work to start at 5am. And I loved it.

Why is this job so great? For starters, I work for good people. I admire and respect my boss, and I feel valued and appreciated by her. I told her that I loved admin work and she responded immediately with extra things to do. I kept asking for more, and even though I was new and still learning, she trusted me with important responsibilities such as scheduling and payroll reports.

I also love that I have the chance to meet new people daily, and get to know those who are regulars. I’ve made friends through this job. I’ve heard stories of people’s lives, I’ve listened when people need to talk, and I’ve had opportunities every day to make people smile.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what I do, I work at a local gym that has 3 locations around Essex County. It’s a job that encourages me to stay healthy and take care of myself while I encourage others in their health and fitness goals.

As I come upon my one year anniversary at this job, I celebrate the accomplishments I’ve had. I’ve been given two raises, officially become a full time staff member, and been given a new title: HR Specialist/Shift Supervisor. And I truly love what I do. I am so filled with gratitude for this job and the opportunities I have been given. I have learned, grown and increased my confidence through this position, and I’ve had the full support of a fantastic boss.

2015 also saw me moving out on my own again; something else I wasn’t sure would ever be possible back in November 2014. I’ve been renting a room in a house in Tecumseh since May. That is about to end because the house I am living in is sold and I will be moving out next week. However, I am on to a new, exciting time. I have found a small, one bedroom cottage to rent – a tiny home that is all mine! I’ve lived in apartments and rented space in homes belonging to others, but this is the first time I will have my own little house. And best of all, it’s a 5 minute walk from the beach!

Yes, life is good. I am healthy and happy. I am standing on solid ground. And I am excited for what’s ahead.

Whether it’s continuing to grow my jewelry business, starting a book, taking a class, or more growth in my job, I am ready for whatever is next. God stands before me, and my friends and family stand beside me.

I am ready for 2016.

I am ready for another good year.