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We have all been there at some point in our lives. We’ve reached a point in our path where there are two different ways to go and we have to decide how to proceed.

Sometimes these crossroads are brought on by a negative or traumatic situations such as being laid off or the end of a relationship. However, there are other times when you reach a crossroads and have to choose between two good opportunities.

The two paths offer different options, neither of which are negative, and both of which would make you happy. It’s this type of crossroads where a decision can be very difficult to make.

I am at this point right now. I am standing with two paths before me, both offering great and positive options, and I have just two days to make a decision. How do I possibly do this?

I knew the first thing I had to do was talk to the trusted person that I usually seek advice from, my dad. I knew he would not tell me what to do, but would offer words of wisdom, and ask me the right questions in order for me to make this tough decision.

My dad pointed out that there is no wrong choice here, but what I decided had to be based on what was best for me.

Of course I will never be able to fully take others out of the weighing of my decision because I will always care about how my actions affect someone else. However, as my dad said, I ultimately have to do what is best for me, my health and my future.

The question he asked that has made me think the most is where do I want to be in 5 years? I struggle with this question because I try not to plan anything too far in advance. I love the unknown and unexpected. I want to make sure I am always open to new adventures and new opportunity.

At the same time I need to be realistic and set goals for myself. Those goals can change over the years, but if I am not heading towards something, what’s the point?

As much as I’d love to avoid planning for the future and simply live moment by moment, I recognize that a lifestyle like that can be unhealthy. And having goals doesn’t mean I am chained to them. I can change my mind. I can go in another direction if the one I choose doesn’t work out.

I already know that I am never going to fully ‘settle down’. It’s not something that is in me. I want to travel the world serving others. I want the freedom of choosing to take each opportunity that presents itself. I don’t ever want to be tied down.

And that is the beauty of facing a crossroads like this one. I know that whatever decision I make does not have to be a permanent one. I don’t have the responsibility of a mortgage or a family to provide for. It’s just me. I am lucky enough that I don’t have to make this decision based on finances, but rather I can make it based on my personal goals and dreams.

Honestly, I am incredibly grateful to be presented with two wonderful opportunities, despite how hard this decision is.

The fact that it is a difficult decision shows that I care. I care about the people it will affect, and I care that the decision is made with great thought.

This crossroads is not a negative one. It’s two paths of great opportunity.

I have not made a decision yet. But I am grateful to be at a point in my life where I have this decision to make.


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